Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful Series-Day 5

Most people have pretty regular schedules. They get up every Monday-Friday at a pretty set time, go to the same job, come home around the same time, go to bed, rinse, repeat. They always know that they will do this, they always know that they will have the weekend off, and they know that they will probably not have a problem taking a day off for vacation pretty much whenever they want.

My schedule is not like this.

But, today at least, I am thankful that my schedule isn't like this. Even though I without a doubt need a job that will enable me to pay my bills, I am thankful that if I want or need to sleep in until 11 am to feel rested, I can. I can hang out with my friends during the day (if they're available), I can cook or bake, I can watch tons of TV and read books, and go shopping at odd hours when most people can't shop so the stores aren't super crowded! Although the stability of a "real job" and the routine are something I look forward to, until then I am thankful that I can sleep as late as I want (unless I am

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  1. yay! i <3 all of your thankful posts!! Have you started your new job at 1 of my all time favorite places yet??? :)