Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Series-Day 11

I thought it was going to be hard to come up with things for this series! Maybe as we get closer to the end of November I'll have a harder time......but today, given my plans, it was pretty easy to come up with something! Today I am thankful for book signings!

Later today I am going to a book signing. Christopher Paolini is one of my favorite authors. When he was only 17, he wrote and self-published the book Eragon. Through hard work and a little luck contacting a publisher, the book became a worldwide best-seller, and since it was the first in a series ensured that the rest of the series would get written and read! I jumped on the bandwagon of this series pretty quickly (unlike Harry Potter, which I didn't read until the 5th book had just come out). The advantage of this was the excitement of getting to wait for new books to come out.

The disadvantage was that the series, originally intended to be a trilogy, got expanded into four books, and the fourth book took FOREVER to come out! But it is finally here, and I am going to a book signing later today to get my copy signed by the author :) squee!!!

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