Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Series-Day 18

Today, I am thankful for long baths and showers :) I am so grateful that we live in a place where we do not have to worry about whether or not the water is clean, and that we have hot showers available too!

Today I used 3 samples of very fun Holiday 2011 LUSH products in my bath/shower. The first was the Three Gold Rings bubble bar!

It smells like vanilla and is a little bit glittery, leaving the water a pretty gold color with lots and lots of delicious smelling bubbles!!

I followed that up by washing my hair with the Snow Fairy shower gel (yes, it is "meant" for your body, but you can also wash your hair and even do your laundry with it!).

This one literally glitters, and smells like candy! It left my hair feeling super soft and great-smelling :)

I finished up by using the Snowcake soap to wash up.

Snowcake smells like almonds and paired really well with the Three Gold Rings bubble bar scent! The soap also made my skin feel really soft, and the fragrance has lingered (so I still smell like cake! score!).

This post is NOT meant to be an advertisement for LUSH, although I do looooooove all of their products (hence wanting to work there!). I love taking baths and showers and all of these things helped to make today's bath/shower particularly enjoyable :)

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