Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

So it's been raining here for the past two or three days, and I'm going a little stir-crazy. Since I am stuck in my apartment, I decided to make the best of it by taking a few pictures! You can view them here on my brand-new fancy Flickr site :)

Sorry about there being no hyperlink or whatever you call it, I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing and I haven't figured out how to make it clickable yet, lol. There are pictures of the fancy doorknobs, light switch covers, my sink with TWO faucets, and some of my favorite knicknacks, including a pretty ring, vase, Nutcracker tart warmer from Yankee Candle, dressers, wall of Playbills, and chocolate milk making pitcher :)


  1. love it! so pretty!! i'll have to post some pics of our apartment, it's covered in geekery :p

  2. I need to visit you SOON!!! Your apt is hella adorable!