Friday, April 9, 2010

Champaign's Wildlife

Every day I wake up and immediately put on my shoes to take Zoey for a 40 minute walk in the morning. We always take the same route, straight down my street for a certain number of blocks and then we turn around. On the last block before we turn around to come back to my house there is a house that I call the "backwards house" because its porch looks like a deck that should be on the back of a house. There are always beer bottles, red cups, and other assorted remnants of fraternity-style debauchery on their lawn, I can't imagine their neighbors like them much.

However, the strangest thing about this house is the cat I sometimes see outside. The last time I saw it was a few weeks ago, but I had another sighting tonight! It ran straight up to Zoey and I as if to say, "Excuse me, what are you doing, this is MY lawn!" I assume it lives there because I've seen some Scoop-Away litter and other cat-related items on their porch-deck. She (because in my mind all cats are girls) took a few swipes at Zoey, so that is why none of the pictures turned out very well, lol. This cat is like Rory's diluted twin sister, like if someone put Rory in the washing machine. Below is a picture of Rory, my cat, then Zoey, my dog, and the pictures I snapped of the ever elusive frat house cat :) The images got switched around so the outside cat is first, then my animals.

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  1. Jessy! when i told you to make more friends at grad school i ment with ppl not strange cats that look like Rory! LOL

    miss you!