Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mac VS PC?

Dear technically minded friends: I need your help!!!

Since I am going to be switching to U of I's online program in January, and will hopefully have a little extra loan money this summer/fall, I am thinking about buying a new computer or laptop, probably laptop. Though I have had no end of trouble with every single PC I have ever bought, I am hesitant about buying a Mac just because of the cost.! Which is better, Mac or PC? Which is cheaper? Is cheaper really better? I really want a Mac, so are there any discounts or anything on Macs that you know of? What about getting a netbook plus an external hard drive? Leave your comments please! :)


  1. Having never owned a Mac myself, I can't really speak from personal experience. Everyone I know who has ever had one loves it. But: We did have Macs in the newspaper office at IWU and at any given moment at least 2/5 were broken. So I don't really know what happened there. I also had a bunch of students this semester who had trouble printing their stuff b/c of poor Mac to PC conversion.

    Personally, I will say that I don't like using Macs. I agree that they're really cool and whatnot, but I just feel more comfortable on a PC. I was thinking about investing in a Mac b/c I pretty much need a new PC every three years due to wear, and Josh talked me out of it. He said that I could either have one Mac and have to keep it for twice as long, regardless of any new technological advances, or I could pay half as much and get to buy a new computer every three years because I'm probably going to want a new one anyway.

  2. JESSY! MAC MAC MAC! the only thing i didnt like is that i couldnt use a dobuel click mouse and well i have one, my ladybug mouse. My computer never died ( until i got home from school and Mac spilled water all over my macbok, as in a huge water bottle filled to the top) and since i replaced it its been running just fine!

    check to see if u can download word through U of I, i know you could at IU. also they have a model out right now for 999, its the newer macbook then i have! wait till fall when school will be coming in and you can mostliekly get the free ipod deal as well (aaron did that) also they have a student discount all year round where you take 100 dollars off.

    GO MAC, and dont worry about your computer shutting down or taking to long to download or start up or get online, etc!

    ps does this mean if u are doing online courses that you will be moving home? yes?


  3. MAC!!!!! I spent about $1300 on mine in September 2008, but I have had ZERO problems with it. No freezing, pop-ups, spywear, crashing, etc etc etc. It runs wonderfully & is very fast! I think the macbook is about $1000 now, but it is SOOO worth it. There are none (or very very few?) virus' that can attack macs and nearly every program that is windows compatible is mac compatible too. Definitely buy a will be forever happy & stress-free (computer-wise!) :) :) :)