Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekly Goals

I just read an awesome post on my friend Holly's blog titled "Weekly Goals". She talked about how peppering a to-do list with more fun or enjoyable tasks or goals can make the rest of your to-do tasks seem more manageable. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! Recently I've felt a bit overwhelmed by my schoolwork, and so here is part of my to-do list for the rest of the week, including some more "fun" tasks so that I can balance the have to do's with some more fun to do's that will help my personal well-being :)

1. Complete government information quiz
2. Complete government information homework
3. Do research for exhibitions class project/visit Columbia College library
4. Go to Zumba or another class at the gym
5. Grocery shopping for ingredients to make another delicious quinoa samosa bowl
6. Birthday present shopping for my dad!
7. Do research/begin putting together list for YA Literature Website project
8. Clean apartment/start going through closet and getting rid of some junk
9. Re-do budget for the rest of spring 2011 semester
10. Have a super fun time hanging out with le boyfriend and other friends this weekend! (after the homework is

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