Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My car and more!

So my big news is...I got a car!! Long story short I got more money for the summer than I thought I was going to, so I used the extra that was outside my budget to buy a car. It was a little more expensive than I was planning on since the one I wanted to buy had already been bought, but I am happy with the outcome and hope it continues to run well for me! It is a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria, and it is blue and has wood on the inside! I am going to call her Agnes, because she reminds me a little bit of Gretchen, my first car, that was also a "grandma car" lol. Pics below!

I am also just sharing these for fun, I don't know if they will end up letting me do them or even like the ones I have made but I am making sample invitations for my brother's wedding. Below are pictures of some possible ideas....let me know your thoughts! Keep in mind that I am definitely not a professional paper-crafter/invitation maker, these are just my half-finished DIY ideas! I am really enjoying doing them, crafts are fun! lol :)


  1. Congrats on the new car Jess! I'm happy for you :) Can't wait to see you in Sept at the wedding. Good luck w/the wedding invitations. <3
    Aunt Debbie xoxoxoxox

  2. CAR!!!!!!!! love it!!!!

    also love the invitations. i like the ones with the plain/colored centers. it makes it easier to read the writing on them. can't wait to see you soon!!! xoxo