Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Etsy/Target Finds!

Among my close friends it is no secret that I'm sort of a peer-pressure-er when it comes to shopping! Seriously, I could probably talk you into buying just about anything. I've been trying to be good about keeping my spending under control, but I will admit that lately I have purchased a few items that fall more under the "want" than "need" category! Yesterday I bought 2 new pairs of shoes and 1 pair of pajamas at Target. Now, I know what you're thinking: did you really NEED two pairs of shoes, Jessica? Well, no, but my two pairs of brown flats had just about worn out. The insoles were coming up/had been chewed out of both pairs, and both of the soles ("out" soles?) were also coming away from the main part of the shoe. They also kind of smelled......gross. lol so I got one pair of "walking" flats and one pair of nicer brown flats for, obviously, nicer events. Though Target is mass-produced and might not exactly be the most ethical company ever, I am happy to report that both pairs of shoes are technically vegan, that is made without any parts from animals (like leather).

The pajamas were also a borderline want/need purchase, they are super cute! They are the Liberty of London for Target brand. I don't know if you have seen this around Target but basically most of their items are covered in adorable floral prints. I'd been eyeing this set of PJ's for a few months now, and they just went on sale so I bought them! It is really hot in my apartment and I mostly had sweatpants/long pants for pajamas so a pair of hot weather friendly PJ's was not entirely without purpose. Here is a link because I couldn't find a pic to post:

This next buy was totally a "want" purchase, though! Although I have never bought any really expensive jewelry before (and not that these are that expensive, just more than the $5 Claire's crap I would buy in like middle school!). I found both of these through an Etsy shop called "That Winsome Girl." Here is a link:

Her jewelry is just so adorable!! A couple of days ago she posted that the peacock earrings (that are now mine) were going to all be gone soon. Well. Even though I don't have my ears pierced I really wanted a pair!! I e-mailed asking if there is a way she could convert them to clip-ons, and she said she could. Huzzah!!! I also ordered this super cute "Oui" necklace :) I highly recommend buying from That Winsome Girl's shop, as her items are adorable, affordable, and totally awesome!!! :) See pics below for images of the earrings and necklace.


  1. Adorable! I love it! I love Etsy, they always have the cutest stuff. Once I can justify spending money on things other than food, gas, rent and tuition I'm going to have a nice shopping spree there! :)

  2. Super cute! And shoes are always a necessary purchase, yo.