Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Current Obsessions

1. Hot Chocolate from Caribou Coffee

I looooooove Caribou Coffee! I wish there were more of them around here, but luckily there is one very near my awesome boyfriend's house, and so lately I have been going there to hang out on Tuesday afternoons. I leave my house a little early to beat the suburban rush hour traffic, order my DELICIOUS soy half-milk half-dark hot chocolate, sit and read until he gets home, and then we have our TV night. I have come to quite enjoy this Tuesday routine, which I only mention because right now my car won't start and it might mean that I can't do this today :( we'll see what happens...

2. Candy Corn

Part of our Halloween decorations are 2 dishes of candy corn, and I can't stop eating it! I'm so glad fall is here, for many reasons, but I always enjoy the return of candy corn to the candy aisle.

3. RIOT, Paramore's 1st album

I've had this album on my iPod for a long time, but lately I can't stop listening to it! I really like this band, I wish I had their newer albums but the only new-ish songs of theirs I have are the ones from the Twilight soundtrack....lol.

4. How I Met Your Mother

I've always liked this show, but in my opinion seasons 4-6 were pretty crappy. The characters stopped being themselves and started becoming too over the top, and the jokes were just trying way too hard to be cool. But, season 7 just started, and it's been great so far! It's like they finally stopped trying to be cool and started focusing more on the characters actually doing things that their character as a person would do. I can't wait to see more!!

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  1. yay! caribou is seriously awesome...if i didn't get addicted to coffee after drinking it once (literally...if i have 1 cup 1 day, i need 1-2 cups every day after that...and it takes a week or 2 to detox from it, haha!) i'd go there all the time!! and i def agree with himym...i'm sad the cupcake girl is getting married :( maybe she won't and it's just to fool us? LOL it was great seeing u this weekend, keep blogging!! :) xoxox