Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trying Again!

Earlier this year, I posted some of my goals for the year 2011. So far, I've done okay, but I have definitely not eaten vegan nearly as much as I wanted to. Since I just moved to DC and there is an awesome organic/health food store pretty near my apartment, I am considering this a fresh start (minus the milkshake I had on my way home from the store.....it's like a billion degrees here, I couldn't help it! lol).

I bought tons of healthy food from the store, including oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, apples, zucchini, cucumber, kale, and more. I have to say that I really enjoy shopping at this store save for one thing: the semi-judgey produce guy I encountered today! I asked him if the store sold any peaches, because I was really craving a peach, and he was all like "well when we do, they are locally grown and organic, but it's a little EARLY for peaches, we USUALLY don't get them until AUGUST...." oh, sorry I'm not a FARMER, dude, I just assumed that since it's 5 thousand degrees here and basically almost summer that maybe you'd have a peach! lol. Nah, he wasn't that bad, but he did make me feel slightly dumb for wanting a peach. In any case, I plan to make and bring my lunches to the Library of Congress, and hopefully I will lose a little weight from eating a healthy, vegan, whole-foods diet and walking around DC so much!! :)

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  1. LOL I wouldn't have known that, either! Maybe he was just on his period or something, haha!

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying your time in DC and finding yummy foods to munch on! I have a fun recipe for kale chips (it's actually on thekindlife website if u want to check it out!)...I haven't tried them yet but they sound delish. Love ya!! xoxo