Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections: Awesome Again in 2010!

So if you are reading this blog and also know me in real life, you may know that every year since I started going to Loyola my friend Holly and I have chosen a theme for the year rather than making specific New Year's resolutions. This year our theme was Awesome Again in 2010, and I think it lived up to expectations!

Things that were awesome in 2010:

1. Going to library school and learning SO much, including bookbinding which I have always wanted to know how to do.

2. Moving to my new apartment and having an awesome roommate who helped my paint my room blue!!

3. Getting my first car all on my own!

4. Meeting someone amazing :)

Since most of my year has revolved around a) being at school and then b) coordinating leaving school, I can't think of many more specifics, but I think that 2010 definitely allowed me to become awesome again :)

That said, I am excited for our 2011 theme, Shoot for the Sun in Twenty-One-One!! This year I will be graduating from my master's degree program, looking for a job, beginning to pay back my student loans, and trying to be fully financially responsible for myself, so shoot for the sun seems like a good theme to follow because there is a lot I want to accomplish this year! I also want to continue trying to eat more healthily, as well as exercising more by joining the same gym my roommate belongs to. So, wish me luck, and hopefully 2011 will be as awesome as 2010 was!! :) Happy New Year, everyone!!


  1. Yeah for being awesome in 2010! I hope your 2011 goals/wishes all come true!!

  2. YEA GIRL!!!!! you're the best!!!! i'm so happy you're in my life and you continue to inspire me every time i talk to you/read your blog/think about you/stalk you...o wait, did i go too far? ;)