Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Battlestar and Blog Awards! :)

I have been totally neglecting this blog. Part of the reason is because I am staying with my friend/future roommate, and we have been watching what is now one of my favorite shows, Battlestar Galactica (the new one, not the old one). We JUST finished it today, and there were some mind-blowing twists! I won't say anything else because I don't want to spoil anything in case anyone reads this who hasn't watched it.

Anyway, when I remembered I had this blog (lol) today and checked to see if I had any new comments or anything, I was surprised to find that my friend Lindsey had posted on her blog a fun thing called the Versatile Blogger Award, which she has awarded me (and some others)! You can find her blog detailing her awesome adventures in New York and beyond at:


The purpose of the Versatile Blogger award is "to recognize good design, writing, photos, etc.; to network amongst other bloggers; inspire content ideas, etc. Conditions of the award stipulate that I need to share seven things about myself and then pass on this award to other wonderful bloggers.”

Without further ado, I give you my seven things, and then seven bloggers!


1. I sometimes wonder what the conversation must have been like when Congress was deciding whether or not tomatoes were to be classified as fruits or vegetables for tax and trade purposes. I bet it was funny.

2. If you hang out with me after a road trip of 1 or more hours, I will most likely have a hoarse voice from singing loudly along the way.

3. I have budgeted for two trips this spring....locations and details to be revealed, but I am so excited!

4. I wish I could still ride horses, but my back injury prevents me from doing so.

5. I just found out that the White Castle buildings were modeled after the Water Tower in Chicago. Cool!

6. I sing the "Soft Kitty" song from the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" to my cat sometimes. Shhhhhh......lol

7. A few weeks ago I bought my friend some socks that turned out to be children's socks, but since they fit me I didn't realize that they weren't meant for adults. lol

And here are 7 of my favorite bloggers!! I would first like to honorarily award Lindsey, because reading about her adventures is always super duper fun!! But since she has already received the award, I will list 7 other bloggers so that she doesn't have to do a repeat post awarding more people :)

1. Holly of Meatless with Mia, found at http://meatlesswithmia.blogspot.com/

Holly is one of my very good friends and blogs about her random adventures, including eating vegan and inspirational fun quotes she finds!!

2. Carla of The Grass is Greener, found at http://greenercarla.blogspot.com/

I have known Carla since we were itty bitty little kids, lol! It has been fun to find that we have come to share interests, specifically that we have both started eating and living vegan!

3. Emily of Carnival of Sorts, found at http://carnivalofsorts.wordpress.com/

Emily is my library school buddy, and I am so glad that we met! Here you can find excellent randomness, including movie/book reviews and accounts of library school adventures. Beware: we both really like paper, and aren't afraid to blog about it. lol

4. Livy of A Field Journal, found at http://afieldjournal.blogspot.com/

I do not know or have any personal connection to Livy, but I love love LOVE her blog!! It is one of the first I found that got me into reading/following/starting my own blog.

5. Amy, a.k.a. That Winsome Girl, found at http://thatwinsomegirl.blogspot.com/

Again, I do not personally know Amy, but her blog and jewelry are both super adorable! Check out her Etsy shop of the same name, and her delicious looking Cookies and Cream Cupcakes!

......I have run out of blogs! I read many more of them semi-regularly, but that's all I can think of at this hour, lol! So that concludes tonight's Versatile Blogger awards. Hopefully this fun e-award will continue to circulate, I like the idea of a community of bloggers :)

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  1. aww thanks Jess! It will be great seeing you soon!